Our Therapy Gym
Our warm, friendly environment is inviting for patients of all ages. We set up each session to provide an individualized program with the right tools and strategies to address each patient’s specific needs.

Outpatient Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists are specialists in movement of the human body. As experts in movement, we strive to achieve appropriate, individualized, and independent daily functional tasks through one-on-one physical therapy sessions. Our skilled intervention enables us to evaluate movement and provide specialized treatment to specifically target the proper muscle groups and retrain systems of the body to allow one to move while minimizing unnecessary compensation and pain from overuse.

As expert facilitators of strengthening, balance, endurance and coordinated movements of the body, our physical therapists diagnose and evaluate the movement dysfunction and design individualized programs to improve mobility, enhance the individuals’ functional abilities, and provide strategies to maximize each patients overall independence. Our physical therapists also encourage fitness and wellness, while making a great personal effort to educate and help patients understand the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Outpatient Occupational Therapy
Our occupational therapists specialize in the planning and execution of everyday daily tasks, ranging from motor skills to communication and perceptual abilities. Dressing, household chores and cooking are a few examples of the many tasks we focus on, along with professional leisure and community integration and reintegration. Our occupational therapists’ treatment plan can enhance every aspect of an individual’s life.

Outpatient Speech Therapy
Our speech therapists are trained professionals and experts in evaluating and treating speech and language disorders. Our speech and language pathologists are able to address difficulties with articulation, comprehension, oral motor strength and/or coordination, swallowing, and overall communication. Speech therapy focuses on an individual’s ability to understand words spoken to him/her and the ability to use words for self-expression. As our speech and language pathologists work with the mechanics of speech, they help individuals utilize their newly acquired speech skills to communicate with others. Each patient is evaluated, educated, and skillfully treated to address his/her needs and goals.

Confidence in Movement